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Welcome to Assure Dental, a network of family dental practices, offering general, specialty and cosmetic dentistry to thousands of smiles across Southern California.

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Recommended by State Board Approved Dental Referral Service.

Assure Dental is the only network of family dental and braces offices in Southern California that is recommended by Smile Finders, a dental referral service that is approved by the California State Board of Dental Examiners.

We accept virtually all insurance from the brands you trust.



We turned 20 in 2020!



Assure Dental is routinely reviewed by independent third-party dentists hired by the insurance companies with which Assure Dental has contracts to render services to you and your family. Sterilization and Infection Control, reviews: Our facilities meet or exceed standards required by your insurance company.

Assure Dental Facilities routinely score in the 90th percentile on a graded reporting system. Assure is also graded and reviewed on a random review of the dental charts and X-rays of patients seen and treated by an Assure Dental trusted dentist. Again, over our 20 year history, we received consistently high marks by independent dentists.

We Pride Ourselves On Our Service.

Every dentist at Assure Dental has more than seven years of professional experience and pursues on-going education and training to deliver you the latest advancements in dental technology and dentistry treatments to help you protect and care for your smile.

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